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How to Make Me Fall in Love with You

your cigarette
by twisting it
on my thigh
& I will love you

What I Shouldn’t Have Done When We Broke Up

I nailed
my heart
to his bedroom wall.

Rubber Ducks

I’m drowning
in the bathtub.

You reach your hand
and squeeze
rubber ducks.


When I think of you,
I taste your honeycomb skin—

I’ve never touched you
without being stung. 

Maltese-born Jeremy Mifsud is a queer, autistic writer and poet, currently reading for a Masters in Cognitive Science at the University of Malta. Social ineptitude becomes a catalyst for his art as he weaves unsaid words into poems and short fiction. He has self-published a full-length collection Welcome to the Sombre Days (2018). More of his poetry and fiction appears or is forthcoming in Please Hear What I'm Not Saying (2018), Lucent Dreaming, Constellate and others.


Site: https://poetrybyjeremy.wordpress.com/publications/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/poetrybyjeremy

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