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My youngest son dreams of being a zebra, running

free and wild with a herd where black and white

share the same space on a fierce body. Bare hooves

stomp their power into the earth leaving imprints

of freedom and equality in their wake.


He awakens to a world where Blacks and Whites are

still at odds with each other. The word bi-racial is sometimes

spoken as if it is a dirty term. His curly golden-blonde hair

and caramel skin, always creating more questions and

attention than he would like.


I find myself dreaming like my son, wanting to be free

and powerful without conflict or injury. I don’t want to be

David’s Black mother. I just want to be David’s mother.

Maybe one day we will embrace our sameness and like

the zebra, our two sides will share the same space and

truly become one.

Toni G. writes poetry and flash fiction. Additional work may be found at: Right Hand Pointing and elsewhere on the net.

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