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we are a literary mag based in Tiohtiá:ke, Montréal. we are independent and don’t give a fuck if you have credentials.

we want ur experimental poetics, sonic explorations, literary prose, and absurdist rants. we want ur angry essays, aesthetic criticisms, and a transcription of your recent research wormhole. we want ur investigative findings and archival unearthings. we want features on artists you love, interviews with people you love, and reviews on books you love. we want ur illustration, comics, visual art, paintings, films, mixed-media, sculpture, installation art. we want ur full-moon purge.

we don't have deadlines or a timeline. we ride the wave of time, birthing publications when ripe.

we welcome submissions of any form, from anyone. we aim to give space to works and people that may not fit in, yet are absolutely necessary.

submission guidelines:
please include SUBMISSION in the subject, a brief bio, and any links you’d like us to share. you are welcome to include a description of your work. we accept pitches. we will get back to you within a month, feel free to follow up. unfortunately we are unable to pay our contributors at the moment, but we hope to in the future!

poetry: max 5 poems, unless they are part of a larger series

fiction: max 3

visual art: please let us know if you are submitting a short series, or multiple works

sound: let us know if you’d like us to release via our soundcloud, or by other means

we are also collecting submissions for S L O M O: a publication featuring the work of artists with complex bodies and brains, to be released spring/summer 2019. if you would like to submit specifically to slomo, please mention it in your cover letter. more info coming soon!

we believe in safer lit. do not send us bigotry or any form of discriminatory work, don’t be assholes. please don’t hesitate to reach out to us about any concerns.

feel free to email us about any inquiries!

~send us your most experimental, unruly, and urgent work ~

>> thetawave6hz@gmail.com

**at this point this project is run entirely by volunteers. any contribution to continue our work is very appreciated. we want to pay our translators, editors, publicists, designers, artists, and writers for their incredible hard and important work. we dream of printing anthologies, releasing CDs, and hosting events. we dream of creating a space that provides visibility, resources and opportunity to those who are dreaming a future that includes us ~ please consider donating or becoming a patreon! >>patreon.com/thetawave