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~ about ~

we are a publication showcasing the experimental, unruly, and urgent. we are a platform that blends the literary, visual and sonic, providing a space for innovation. we hope to encourage disruption, investigation, exploration and freedom of expression.

~ a theta wave is a high-amplitude but slow-cycling brain wave that is associated with intuition, dreaming, meditation and creativity — a wave we need now more than ever ~

**at this point this project is run entirely by volunteers. any contribution to continue our work is very appreciated. we want to pay our translators, editors, publicists, designers, artists, and writers for their incredible hard and important work. we dream of printing anthologies, releasing CDs, and hosting events. we dream of creating a space that provides visibility, resources and opportunity to those who are dreaming a future that includes us ~ please consider donating or becoming a patreon! >>patreon.com/thetawave