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 acid pink lemonade / bubblegum razor blade / reflux cuts / refractals of esophagus / scattered hatching / backwards flagpole / intimate violence / apocalyptic infant born with fangs / ticker tape / manic pixel / casketgrasp the VCR / bastard act / exclusive / peruse the chickenscratch / abstraction / static laughter / failed catastrophe / try again / try again / stank like fetus / like senile deletion / readscript  / keep it / vomit needless / wordspit / worse shit / in my head

Lucas Peel likes the idea of strangers, vegetables, and defacing things in the name of art. He does not like vinegar, rules, or high places, though he is willing himself to at least understand the purpose of all three. One time Neil Hilborn told him that his poems were pretty. He currently lives in Aiea, Hawaii.