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 Sine wave

Math can make music. Electronic
sounds often go oscillating; find
themselves founded in sine’s language. 

Trigonometry plays tricks inside
synthesizers. Radians, amplitude &
frequency resound through plastic 

knobs and metal cases with holes
a musician could fall into forever until
reaching the bottom. Mathematicians

dwell there. A sine wave appears in curves
unlike a saw or square wave. Triangle
waves are born out of all these wires 

and low-hanging sines, measured.
Science goes out dancing and has
decent algorithm. This is proof.

k weber has 4 books of self-published poems for free at her website: kweberandherwords.wordpress.com. her poems have been featured in memoir mixtapes, writer’s digest, mock turtle zine, words dance, black heart magazine and more! she has had photography featured in barren magazine and is a regular contributor to the song recommendations blog at memoir mixtapes. more info at her website!

EN // FR