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better god 

your survival

relies on mine 

to inflict

this no- channel grief

the body

will eventually

[ like a splinter ]


the planet’s obscene


a forward t-ta-task 

last night

they shot

a shopper

on the third floor

of our t-tiny target world 


to lessen dread

lesson: dead dead 

[ you know

i’d rather

be in a crib ] 

in your life

there is a melting symposium

i call quiet

a place that is good

like a better god

gets to be able

to get gotten 

in all of ever

i was only one night 

or day away

from this sudden


revived i learned

that memory

is an island 

and how incredible

the island’s moon

and the stars’ moon looked

in their alikeness 

not like before

but rather like



our common

future fantasy―


my mind’s new york

is always winter 

how i am

some blue orb

flashing your phone

map’s morning

road devoted 

how i cut the orb

with forward motion― 

more light in the window

more light blocks

the moon beam

blocks the glare

of our obedient 



we don’t know

where the longing 

came from

only that it existed 

we don’t know

how these things

happened only

that they did

Ivanna Baranova is a Brooklyn-based poet and photographer. She is the author of CONFIRMATION BIAS, forthcoming from Metatron Press in 2019. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming with ÄLPHÄ, Columbia Journal, glitterMOB, Hobart, Montreal Review of Books, NTS Radio, Peach Mag, Poetry Is Dead, Prism international, Sub Pop Records, VICE, and elsewhere.


EN // FR