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Poem (Fait Accompli)

Dark leaves cover a decade
in which we highlight our potential

by digging graves by the high school 
by the river of part-time opportunity

already the end eats into the present
the last time we see each other

we shake hands
in front of a sunset

that looks like a pizza roll
leaking cheese over a red horizon

years later you wake up in a sinister cabal
plastic bags lick the cavern walls


My mentor 
was a seashell
all moon-pulled
porcelain whorls
that’s enough
of that
we thought
one cartoon skull 
dripping red 
was enough
one lovely
lifeguard stabbing
at my Achilles
after inviting me
into her white tower
was plenty
before a  rose
ate his face my 
mentor said
feeling pretty good 
today, thanks
turns out the world
is just a world


The state re-
iterates its monopoly 
on love by ripping 
its guts out
and selling it 
back to you 
just when you 
thought the gestalt 
couldn’t get 
any worse 
from out 
the mouths of babes
endless promise
endless passwords
a church
flanked by a cemetery
on 6 sides arrives
with male gaze 
in its hair

Brad Liening lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and bradliening.blogspot.com.

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