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when people ask me about my dark eye circles


Who’s there?

It’s me.

I thought I saw something

standing in the darkness

I swear I saw a figure,

watching over you.

I don’t know what it was.

I’m the fragment of your thoughts.

I should fall back asleep

when you turn off the lights

It is back.

I am standing here

I feel the hairs rise on my skin

as I breathe over your body

as if someone is standing over my body.

I put my hands around your neck and

my pulse races, I turn the lights on and

I vanish.

nothing is there.



spring has come early this year, and green

buds of growth are forcing their way out of

five degrees celsius, hard cold bark.


they’re tiny and pathetic,

            i could easily snap their necks, bloody chlorophyll on my hands,

            make them pay for taunting me.


the snowstorm comes next week, and i envy

their determination against winter,

            yet the prospect of freezing to death in this

            depression makes me sympathize.


motivation grows within me, and i bury seeds

            of Lithium in the soil.



Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong lives with schizoaffective disorder. She writes poetry to deal with the strange human phenomenon known as emotions and to understand her experiences with mental illness. In her spare time, she blogs, and spends time with her 5 rescue turtles.