2017-05-20 For what it’s worth

I’ve been in trouble
Ever since I spoke against
The trouble and the fighting
And untold circumstance,
For what it’s worth
You’re a beauty
And worth some self esteem,
For what it’s worth
I’m still living,
No longer in a dream

2017-08-27 Letter to you

You’re old as time, young as spring.
This is a letter to you  - your fleeting
Life. I want to live by the water,
I want to be restored, restore me
With your splendour, let’s never be
Ignored. I’m happy to feel this way,
To suffer the ebb and flow, as long
As you know I love you,
Just as long as you know.


What is to happen next?
All that as come before; the fall
And the romance of climbing the apple tree,
Long drives in Vermont
And falling asleep in the city.
It’s all fated I guess,
In the hands of someone cruel,
Who might for once
Have forgotten his rule.

Jesse Gotfrit is a 23-year-old musician, filmmaker and writer, currently operating in Montreal. Previously he spent four years at Simon Fraser University doing English literature and film productions. Originally from Vancouver, he has done a lot of journalistic work regarding the housing, arts and culture crisis undergone by the city in recent years. As a storyteller, in music and film and photography, his subject matter thus far has focused on destabilization, emotional and otherwise, which many adolescents and young adults experience, whether from their sexuality, income status or mental health, etc. He is now a film studies major at Concordia University in Montreal where he hopes to expand his engagement and understanding as a student and as an emerging artist.